802 Sevier Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 37920

(865) 414-7163

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Borderland Butterfly Welcome Center


It started as a vacant lot on Sevier Avenue

The entire Old Sevier neighborhood is a certified Monarch Waystation. When this vacant lot became available, we thought it would make the perfect addition to the Old Sevier butterfly habitat network.


Soil-building comes first!

In 2015, we started building the soil using culled organic produce from Three Rivers Market, eggshells from Magpie's Bakery, woodchips from Ironwood Tree Care, spent hops from Alliance Brewery, and more. The soil is finally becoming suitable to sustain life! We are already seeing some monarchs and other butterflies.  The common milkweed we got as a grant from Monarch Watch is well-established and spreading enough to share with our neighbors. Every year the garden gets better and better.


We do have a plan!

We are following a beautiful plan created by Black Willow Design (sort of!) All the plants are natives, and we are using mostly "straight species" because studies show that pollinators prefer them to cultivars or nativars.